Virtual Mass 2023

For more than two years, Antoine Martin explored the contents of the main online camera directory ( He focused in particular on virtual masses, a phenomenon that saw exponential growth during the pandemic.

In an era when meeting up online and the digitization of information are rising trends, Martin’s Virtual Mass series showcases the ubiquity of remote surveillance and reveals the role played by new technologies in the liturgical space, ultimately prompting the viewer to consider whether the digitization of the divine presence is conceivable.

Concept and editing / Concept et édition: Antoine Martin
Publisher / Éditeur: RVB BOOKS, Matthieu Charon, Rémi Faucheux
Editorial coordination / Coordination éditoriale: Miléna Chevillard
Graphic design / Graphisme: Karolina Borkowska 
Typography / Typographie: Gza
Printer / Imprimeur: Grafiche Veneziane
ISBN 978-2-492175-28-2
Printed in Italy in April 2023
© Antoine Martin © RVB BOOKS